Edgewater Digital Technologies

Edgewater Digital Technologies

Edgewater Digital Technologies

Our mission is to improve the efficiency of cryptoasset trading

Our mission is to improve the efficiency of cryptoasset trading

Our mission to improve the efficiency of cryptoasset trading


Introducing Edgewater Digital Technologies

Edgewater Digital Technologies is a new company that is establishing an institutional on-ramp for digital asset trading. Launched by Edgewater Markets LLC., a well-known electronic currency trading business with over 300 tier-1 institutional customers, Edgewater Digital Technologies is introducing its best-in-class platform for institutional crypto trading in 2019.

Edgewater Digital’s product, Crypto Prime Trader™, provides institutional traders with access to digital asset markets with a secure, trusted and easy to use platform supported by sophisticated tools, connectivity and global infrastructure.

Designed by traders for traders, Crypto Prime Trader™ enables hedge funds, proprietary trading firms, asset managers, banks and brokers to diversify assets and execute their vision in the digital asset markets, improving price discovery, while reducing transaction costs and market impact to achieve best execution.




About Edgewater Markets LLC

Edgewater Markets, an institutional currency trading business founded in 2009, is an industry leader in electronic foreign exchange liquidity and distribution with 300+ institutional clients globally and over $10 billion daily fiat trading volume. Edgewater Markets has developed and continues to advance its best-in-class price engines, aggregation tools and smart order routing technology. Edgewater’s low latency, global currency trading network with data centers in New York, London, Tokyo and Mexico City ensures efficient access to fragmented foreign exchange liquidity globally.

Edgewater Markets has a multi-lingual team of professionals located in offices globally:






What is Crypto Prime Trader™ ?

Leveraging Edgewater's decades of expertise in institutional currency trading, OTC trading system technology and global financial services management, Edgewater Digital is building a state-of-the-art institutional digital asset trading platform.

Engineered for institutional traders, Crypto Prime Trader™ will provide connectivity to critical infrastructure, enabling professional traders and money managers to efficiently manage their digital asset trading, providing access to global liquidity and safe, secure trade settlement services.  Crypto Prime Trader™ delivers fast, efficient and secure order management, intelligent execution, efficient settlement and post-trade reporting and compliance.

Crypto Prime Trader™ is powered by an intuitive order management system and smart order router which enables professional traders to execute large, institutional size trades while limiting information leakage and minimizing market movement (a.k.a. slippage). Crypto Prime Trader™ provides advanced analytics, charting, trading algorithms and portfolio and risk management capabilities supported by live, professional trading support 24 hours, 7 days a week.







The Opportunity

Increasing participation of institutional investors

As happened in the foreign exchange market, the introduction of institutional trading technology will reduce liquidity fragmentation, latency and volatility while increasing depth, improving trading efficiency and reducing transaction costs. Moving institutional money manager and traders from the sidelines of crypto trading requires a secure, reliable and efficient trading and investing ecosystem.

Edgewater Markets has invested its proprietary technology, expertise and capital to seed the launch of Edgewater Digital Technologies and develop its institutional crypto trading platform, Crypto Prime Trader™.

To accelerate the development of the new system, Edgewater Digital is offering equity via a private placement Reg D/S 506(c) Digital Security Offering. Details of the raise are contained in our Private Placement Memorandum available to accredited investors.

For more information, please contact us at: info@edgewaterdigital.io




Our Mission

Edgewater Digital Technologies’ mission is to improve the efficiency of digital asset trading by leveraging Edgewater Markets' proprietary technology, business processes and institutional trading expertise, thereby increasing transparency, enhancing price discovery and reducing transaction costs for institutional investors globally.



Our Team

The Edgewater team has decades of experience in institutional trading, technology and global financial services management. Members of our team have held senior roles at some of the largest financial institutions in the world and many have been early adopters of blockchain technology

Since the company’s founding in 2009, the multi-lingual Edgewater team has built a global network of relationships with customers, partners and regulators that has enabled them to sustain rapid growth and a high level of success. Please refer to our white paper for detailed biographies of the entire Edgewater team


Edgewater Leadership

CEO & Co-Founder
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Strategic Advisors



Potentially interested parties should note that participation in the Edgewater Digital private placement are subject to limitations imposed by applicable securities laws in various jurisdictions.

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